_________Policies and goals
    In general we're against destructive payloads and the spreading of viruses but we do not forbid our members, or those who contribute to 29A magazine to include destructive payloads in their viruses nor do we forbid our members to spread viruses.

    That is why you will occasionally see a virus from 29A in the wild or carrying a destructive payload, even though we do our very best to keep the number of incidents down to a minimum.

    Destructive payloads and the spreading of viruses is the reason why people get in trouble, the reason why people like The Black Baron got arrested, prosecuted sentenced and finally jailed. Publishing your sources in our zine you can get in troubles depending on laws of your country.

    We code viruses for the fun of it, because it's our hobby, not because we want to harm other people or to get ourselves into trouble.

    We code viruses to invent new techniques, improve on existing techniques and to learn more about the various OSes. We know there are hundred of other ways to do this, probably better ways, yet this is what we like. This is as we said before, our hobby, or at least one of them.

    Our goal is to create new, unique, interesting viruses and virus utilities and to release 29A magazine on a regular and more frequent basis. Releasing the magazine frequently has been a problem for us, however, we are getting better but it is still something for us to work at.

    We beta-test everything included in this package as much as we can before we release it, but there may still be bugs which we didn't find.

    We can not and will not be held responsible for whatever you (the reader) decides to do with the contents of the 29A magazines nor can the group be held responsible for the actions of any individual members or contributors.