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September 9, 2005

+ DL/MAG: Zemskiy Fershal #5


Contents                                                NF
Introduction                                            NF
The delirium written about us                           ??
Autointerview                                           NF
(with A. Karimov / STOP!, A. Gostev /KAV,
V. Kolesnikov aka 'Populizer' / KAV)               NF
[here and further italic is mine - herm1t]
Review of virus literature                              DrMad
Critics on sent Cris - 2                                DrMad
Viruses: what behoof except nothing?                    $atanella
Virmaker and the Law                                    RedArc
F. Cohen "Computer viruses: theory and experiments"     (translated by DrMad)
Cohen's Theorem                                         Sassa
Detection and recognition of viruses                    Dr.Mad
US patent 6.357.008 (fragments)                         (translated by DrMAD)
Detection of malicious software: advanced approach      DrMad
S. Kurtzhals "Makro-Viren - Die aktuelle Situation"     (translated by RedArc)
The deep anatomy of DOC-files                           DrMad
R.Marko Analysis of W97M/Lexar.A (fragments)            (translated by DrMad)
Bumblebee/29a "Micro$oft Windows Sockets Guide"         (translated by DrMad)
Lord Julus/29A "Local Network Infection" (fragments)    (translated by DrMad)
N. Weaver "A Warhol Worm:
An Internet plague in 15 minutes!"                      (translated by DrMad)
How to count virii?                                     DrMad
Analysis of netwok virus Nimda epidemy                  Admin
Basic training: cyclic redundancy checksums             Sassa
Once again about random numbers                         DrMad
Our virus Museum - 2                                    DrMad
Chetyreus for OS-9                                      DrMad
LZ-compression from Microsoft                           DrMad
Prognosis for nearest years                             DrMad
Apocalypse tomorrow (fiction)                  DrMad
The great love of small virus (fiction)        DrMad
The outcome of the experiment                           DrMad
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