[ DCA Inside IRC ]

You  can find us in IRC using the 'Undernet IRC Servers', in channel '#DCA', come there to hang around ask questions, make friends and enemies too or just to idle there, also if you want to go there you will have to follow some rules this rules are the following:

[ #DCA Rules ]

  • No Advertising For Your Own Projects/Work etc..
  • No Warez (Cracking/Hacking/Serials etc..)
  • No Pr0n Acting
  • No Gays Or Gay Acting Are Allowed
  • No Nazi  Stuff At All
  • No People Like 'Dorkkyman aka Johnlw' Are Allowed
  • No Begging For Ops/Voice/Access

On the other hand #DCA have the some good reasons to join it and to stay in it which are the following:

  • It Is A Good Place To Stay In
  • Can Easily Make Some New VXers, Collectors/Traders Friends
  • Share Your Knowledge And Thoughts With Other VXers, Collectors/Traders
  • Share Your New Work And Ideas
  • Help Other People Having Problems

[ #DCA Access Rules ]

  • No Adding People To 'X' Access List Without Notifying The DCA Members Or Notifying The Channel Manager 'Sinclaire'.
  • No Giving OPS/VOICES To Anyone Without A Reason, Must Notify A Higher OPS Or Channel Manager.
  • No Kicking And Banning People For No Reason, If It's Necessary It's Advisable To Notify A Higher OPS Or The Channel Manager.

Here is a list of the people who are actually in the DCA channel (#DCA) and have Op/Voice/Access or just like to stay in there, so be careful what you do ;)

[ #DCA Users List ]

  • Sinclaire
  • Muazzin
  • Falckon
  • opc0de
  • kernel_32
  • delikon
  • VxF
  • Necronomikon
  • bsl4
  • Meteo
  • Metal_
  • dr3f
  • Cyclone00
  • madman
  • Toro (aka DonToro)
  • i0n
  • SPTH
  • malfunc
  • PZest
  • VirusJoe
  • VirusTrader
  • cpR
  • Germano
  • LC_
  • edcba
  • Bor0
  • burebista
  • oxygen
  • VirusBuster
  • capoeira
  • Belial
  • dr_dark
  • scenehoe (aka SnowBlaze)
  • w0rmi
  • sd_
  • drocon
  • SnakeMan