[ DCA News ]

Sorry but am too lazy too write all the news happened before now, but i will do it later, anyway for now here is the most good news of all:

12.3.2005 :: Okti joins DCA

4.12.2004 :: Falckon leaves DCA

29.9.2004 :: Cyneox and Rott_En left DCA.

16.8.2004 :: Meteo joins DCA, a very fine coder and chinese too.

6.8.2004 :: bsl4 joins DCA.

31.7.2004 :: Ahh..., after some time i leave you with the boring news and get you some good news worth to read new member joins DCA he doesn't need any intro's or anything because you all know the man 'Necronomikon'.

3.7.2004 :: After some time and a lot of investigation i come out to a conclusion based on what i feel about the matter of '_vh' being a FED or not i say he isn't not even close and after 'Johnlw' claiming he doesn't do much nor have the skills to do anything, my reply 'Sorry, Johnlw i respectfully disagree, think more', sometimes it takes more than that to realise the truth, and after what he said in the channel earlier today which he stats that '<johnlw> well i think im going to leave this channel. the fed with no technical skills are few and you got a 500 who cant run shit' and '<johnlw> besides i have nothing to offer this channel, im retarded and dont have _vh's skills, so i cant be of help', and many many more of that stuff what can i say typical 'Johnlw', i don't care for you either just remember one thing that you were the one who came to join it no one asked you.

1.7.2004 :: The argue about '_vh' being a FED or not is still on the run, many people claims they have proof and such things honestly i don't believe it he may sound suspicious but in reality he isn't, some people doesn't like to talk about themselves much i don't think this is something bad in fact its something good and i still think he is not a FED but maybe suspicious in someway, anyway to get this ended lets make a poll about it and send your comments and thoughts about him to 'Sinclaire' on my email, if you don't know anything about this matter then it's best not to talk about it at all, because he is just a someone with a lot of knowledge of security so expand your minds and try to think of a different perspective.

29.6.2004 :: After the temporarily removal of the rule about 'People Like Dorkkyman (aka Johnlw) Are Not Allowed In The Channel' as he showed some respect and good behavior that's for now but if his attitude changed or behaved irregularly the rule will be up again and he will be banned forever from the channel.

28.6.2004 :: After reading what was written on me and DCA by 'PZest' a time ago claiming so i wanted to comment of what he wrote about that i asked for his help to join and maintain #DCA channel with me and his reply was 'Fuck off.....' which is not true at all anyway i won't get into much details but the point is he now idles in #DCA channel well i got no problem with it actually am happy that people like #DCA channel better than other channels but isn't that like BEING CONTRADICTED WITH YOURSELF i mean if you didn't like it and and it was like a waste of time then why all of a sudden you join and idles there. (NOTE: YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE THERE I GOT NO PROBLEM WITH THAT BUT I WAS KIND OF CURIOUS TO KNOW WHY YOU CHANGED YOUR MIND ?)

28.6.2004 :: 'Johnlw' joins #DCA again and try to persuade us that he is a nice guy and saying other things which to be honest i don't really buy, sorry 'Johnlw' but i think my experience with you taught me never to trust nor believe you in anything, maybe later on you can gain our trust again or my trust especially, but as for now i gave him a chance to actually be in the channel if he acted abnormal again *Like Always* he won't be there anymore as this channel was supposed to be free 100% from people like 'Johnlw' and especially him.

28.6.2004 :: spelling mistakes were corrected, "Members Info" got updated

27.6.2004 :: 'Johnlw' joined #DCA , he has been kicked and banned ;p

24.6.2004 :: DCA Official website was uploaded after a long time of waiting :)