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An other new member!

Welcome to tear[a]do0r!

We have a new member!

Welcome to Amir30vil!

Looking for new members

We are currently looking for new members to join d00mriderz. The following languages are preferred c/asm/ if you think you are good enough to join d00mriderz please email at [email protected] with sample source codes written by yourself and only you. Also you cannot be in d00mriderz while being in another virus writing group. Good Luck.

Good bye...

Necronomikon is going to leave D00MRiderz, he said its was a big disappointment for the vx-scene when he saw the contribute skyout/ex-eof made on CCC this year in Berlin. Here more info. The group wishes him best luck in life!

Collaboration with EOF-project

After some talking with izee, I decided with Necronomikon to collaborate with EOF-project to release a big zine together. Here more info.

We're looking for contributes...

Howdy ppl, we're still alive and planning to release D00MRiderz#2 Zine between Spring and Summer2008 if you have any articles,sources,tutorials,tools,etc just send them to wargame89(at)yahoo(dot)it. Necronomikon coded a macrovirus for Word2007(published in dr#2;))its detected by Kav as:"Virus.MSWord.JerkyBeef07.a"

News from AvErZ

A funny article of Peter Ferrie :P

Contributions for the second isse

After our first magazine (we are proud of it :P), we are planning to release a second one for the next year, as usual you can send your contributes here.

ZiNe is OuT!!!

DoomRiderz#1 is out!!! You can download it here, there is a mirror on EOF-project's site (thx to izee) too

Some infos

After an hard work our zine is almost ready, anyway you are still on time if you have any contribution to send. An other member, free0n, has left, so we will accept new members after zine's release.

Good Bye & Good Luck Genetix!

Well everyone genetix has left the group and stopped vx coding. Seems everyone has a stopping point and this was genetix's time. We appreciate all her hard work and time put into the group. She was a valuable member to DoomRiderz and she will be missed dearly.

One Bad Ass Bunny!

Recently two of our members necronomikon and wargame worked together on a proof of concept worm called Bad Bunny. The submission was sent to A.V. and got a write up and new description which you can find at sophos. The source will be released in our ezine which is coming up very shortly on July 4th. The worm is the first of it's kind, it has the ability to work on different platforms (windows,mac,linux). Spread on irc with xchat or mirc, perform file infection in ruby,perl,and javascript. The worm also does the ping of death on certain sites and displays a "lewd picture". Good going guys!

Here are some quick links:


We would like to let people know that if you want to join doomriderz site that we are NOT taking new members till after the ezine is out. If you want to join our group here are somethings to know.

1) all the members decide if you should or shouldn't be in the group. There is no leader. So get to know us all (msn/irc)
2) send an email to one of the members and attach any sample work, published works, references to your material, site, msn/irc
3) contribute original work to the ezine - this is a sure thing.
4) you must be an active, self motivated coder.

Everything else is going great. We had a couple of spotlights in the news with an ipodlinux virus free0n wrote. Wargame also got some recognition from AV for a couple of worms on AROS which will also be included in the ezine. Necronomikon, synge and retro started up a new project called the armagedon-project with a couple of new script viruses one of which is Necronomikon's :) so with all this going on we have been super busy. Also like to let everyone else know impurity is gone and left the group due to personal reasons. Wish him all the best!

New Member

Well alot has happened in a month. First some bad news that everyone knows about already. EOF group has disbanded. Seems Skyout didn't want to continue anymore and closed it down. So we wish good luck to the members of EOF in what ever you decide to do.

Ok now the good news :), we have a new member joining us from EOF project his nick is WarGame. We all decided he would be a good fit to our group and look forward to his new projects in our first E-Zine comming out july 4th 2007. Welcome to the team WarGame!

Freee Freee at last!

Everyone synge has left the group having many problems with the current members. We wish him all the best in the future and hope he does better and resolves his personal issues. As for the problems in the past we forgive him for his wrong doings and hope he learns from them.

We are still planning on releasing our first e-zine on July 4th, 2007 we would appreciate any original works. If you would like to contribute you can find instructions on our ezine page

Interview in cyberlords hacking mag

Recently, the author: Fear, from Cyber Lords Community, did an interview with various counterparts from different vx groups such as rrlf and others, worldwide. Synge did an interview and after correction editing, this is what it said based on his replies:

http: //
The youngest group of the review. It is based only 5-6 months ago. Only 6 people enter into a command - synge, free0n, necro, genetix, maniac89, metalkid. The leader is Synge which before was belonging other other commands - Metaphase with Knowdeth as the leader. The purpose of group - to help the present VX-stage to rise on its legs. The group writes viruses, clauses, lets out magazines.

The Russian hacking magazine full article can be seen her

Holy Cow Look WHAT U DID!!

Hey everyone it's free0n, I would like to give a little update as to the big change in the site. I have completed the new layout (design + html) in 1 night so thx u. if anyone see's any issues or whatever let me know. The site as of right now seems to be ok i think... it's 1:40am so i don't know what's going on. As far as all the new members please send me your details in a email or over chat and I'll update the members page. Also if anyone needs their links updated or added on the links page send me an email with the url.

As far as the group goes we are all doing much better and are we are going to be putting a hold on all the new releases so we can save them for our new ezine that's comming out! I would have to say that I'm very proud of the group right now and to see everyone working together to write some great code!


hey everyone it's genetix here, happy new years! EOF#1 has been released Download from here. And I'll be uploading 2 new sources from me in the virus section. It's been some crazy weeks with this group but hopefully it can get back into some kind of order.


Merry Christmas everyone! Have a good new years and make sure you get really drunk. We've been reading a few posts on the internet lately about the group, and we just want to make something clear, DOOMRIDERZ IS ALIVE! yes we had a few issues, like with free0n's site getting taken down by haters, but it is back up now so check it out.

We have six members now including, synge, free0n, genetix, necro, metal, and maniac89 who just joined the group. We're always accepting members, so check out the contact page on how to reach us. A big announcement also, The Doomriderz ezine is going to be released this summer on the 4th of July, as we feel its only right to come out with a large bang of explosions and fireworks for our first group release. Be ready world.

Good news people

Good news people, Doomriderz is back as a fearsome four, and we have some new work coming in. The group has decided to start releasing good tools and ideas as well as our virii. If anyone is still around from the oldschool days around Metaphase time, contact synge.

A wonderful creation

Well once again it's time for a wonderful creation by Doomriderz labs. Free0n has an incredible ftp brute force cracker written in Perl, which we have made available on the tools page. It is in a zip and includes a username and pass file with it. Have fun with it and let us know what you think. Even though free0n never really left, we'd like to welcome him back. Shouts to CyberYoda,CyberWarrior,Slagehammer, JPanic, and Dref.

Sup everybody

Sup everybody, it's Synged Flesh, it seems as though we're down to three members. Genetix has left us after having some serious problems with other members of the vx community. Genetix has a concept for the first ever TCL prepender virus on the virus page. Free0n has contacted me recently and having finally been able to return to the internet after being shut down by his isp provider.

With the new laws in Germany it seems that the world will never understand what it is we're trying to accomplish. With a glimmer of hope i've decided to go ahead and try and continue with the group, so we're still accepting new members. Me and Necronomonikon want to keep putting out projects when we can, be on the lookout for apocolypse/netnanny, a new co-project by us.

Apparently av companies want to keep bitching and not give me my descriptions for my Liar worm, so be on the lookout for a new variant of my worm. What was written on EOF's site was not incorrect at the time. But the scene needs us so we will strive to push forward. As always, god bless all old school coders, and fuck AV'ers. Learn how to correctly set up your databases and stop giving our virii shitty names.

On another note, Metalkid has come back, a good friend of mine from the Metaphase days. WUT UP METAL?!? :) Shouts to RRLF, and everyone in #vir and #virus. Where are you at Kefi? Stay up Genetix, if you want to come back baby girl, we're here for ya.

update for everyone

Just for an update for everyone, we posted some code by genetix on the virus page. It is a great simple idea for a companion virus in c++ .NET. The Microsoft .NET framework is becoming an amazing new tool for creation virii and helps in every way possible.

Lately, there's been some crazy stuff going on in the world, people dying everyday over the stupidest things. No matter how much time goes by, there's still things about the people of the world that never change. With all the bad there needs to be equivalent amounts of good things. Be on the lookout for a co-project entitled "Armagedon" by Synge and Necro. It is a way by us at Doomriderz Labs to show the world that the virus scene can contribute positively.

God bless all old school virus coders, 29A, Feathered Serpents, No Mercy, and shouts to the guys at RRLF for helping keep the scene alive. WUT UP DREF?!?

We're still kicking

The Doomriderz are still alive! We're still kicking here at Doomriderz labs. The wait has not been in vain, we've added two new creations to the site. Synge has completed an mirc/p2p worm in and Necro has just finished a new macro virus called Moviestar, both of which will be available on the virus page. Recently there's been some changes in the group,

AC is mia as well as free0n and impurity. As many virus groups have changes within ranks we've realized life c omes first. We're going to continue ahead with new releases and possibly a zine in the future. Fuck AV'ers, R.I.P. Steve Irwin

New Virus and Tool

Hey All! just got back from vacation and got a new update for you. A new cross infector that Necronomikon wrote for Star Office and Microsoft Word. The virus is up on the virus page so go check it out NOW! :) As far as updates we are all pretty busy with new projects. I've got a C++ worm comming out synge has a worm and genetix (send me a desc :)) is also working on a new js encoder tool. Impurity is away at the moment dealing with personal issues and I hope he gets everything straightened out and comes back soon.

Updated: Genetix has sent over her new js encoder tool. It's up on the tools page with a full description, source code and binary!