Topic: Valhalla 5 announcement - special birthday issue

Dear friends,
Just a few days ago we saw valhalla4 release (see valhalla4) - a wonderful magazine with many people involved.

Now its time to continue - this is the announcement for valhalla5 magazine.

Deadline and Release
Deadline is in exactly one year, on 25.11.2014. The magazine will be released on 27.11.2014 - which is exactly the 5th birthday of hh86 (five years after her first submission to VX Heavens - see here).

We are again interested in fancy new ideas, implementations, thoughts on artificial self-replicators (among them, computer viruses :) ), such as:

- ways to infect new file formats, and new ways to infect old file formats
- proof-of-concept self-replicators on new platforms
- new ideas to spread viruses and worms faster, quieter, better
- ways to spread in new territories
- Cryptography: new methods for self-encryption/decryption
- new or improved ways for polymorphism, metamorphism and generally self-mutations
- new or improved ways and ideas for bypassing specific detection methods
- every idea on artificial intelligence and machinal learning for self-replicating computer codes
- every idea on autonomous self-organizing swarms of self-reaplicating computer codes
- information transfere/communication between self-replicating codes
- artificial evolution and nondeterminist algorithms
- every idea on self-replication in the non-software world (hardware, DNA, chemistry, ... )
- every out-of-the-box thoughts on self-replication

As it should be a birthday present, I will be the editor of the issue. (Of course hh86 will review all stuff and has a veto on everything, so i'm just the person to create a nice html viewer and who is to blame if anything doesnt work out :D)

So send your things to sperl.thomas(a)!

For any further question - drop me an email aswell.

I already heard about new projects from several people - they are awesome, we all will see many surprising and exciting things in the forthcomming issue. So- let's stop talking, there are only 365 days left -

Let's work!!!! :)