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-:- Yeah, who are we? -:-

What is the iKx?

The International Knowledge eXchange (aka IKX or iKx) is an international group of people that share common interests in some areas such as computer security, cryptography and viruses. Our intention is to bring to all the world some good news, documentations and even samples about these themes. Many of these topics are often considered as illegal or dangerous for someone, but we don't think so, this isn't true at all! We don't condone any illegal use of viruses or security exploits, we just want to discuss about them with all the other guys that are interested in this topics. Of course some of this informations and programs may be dangerous if they are used intentionally to do harm. A compiled virus or even a virus in source doesn't do any harm if you don't run it!

If someone cares he can also use it in a controlled place or in determinated circumstances for testing purpouses. all the informations and programs that we produce and share with the rest of the world comunity aren't dangerous at all if used with the needed ways that we of course explain. we never put any intentional dangerous routine or something in our products.

Since the moment you download any of our products, you are fully responsible of all that its bad usage could make. We do not encourage you to do anything that could be dangerous to your computer, and to others' ones, so if you try to damage someone will all the information we shared, you are *UNDER YOUR OWN RESPONSABILITY* so you are the first and last owner of your acts.

To show some security fails, some brand new techniques, some variated stuff, as we do, is not illegal. We just try to help to improve the global security of the net, and try to bright the eyes of the people that should preserve it, because with our stuff we try to open doors that should be closed...

..."Defying time, defying imagination, defying gods in their domain - vx.netlux.org/ikx/"...
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