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Applying to the iKx

The iKx is a group that was made for share the information worldwide freely, and we're interested in the following topics:

   computer security

So, if you are wondering to join us, because you think you are good enough for that, you must accomplish this little and logical requeriments:

    you must be trustworthy
    you must not be a sucker
    you must respect other members which ideas differ from yours
    you must know what are you doing everytime
    you must not encourage nor destroy data from other people with your knowledge
    you must not belong to other group centered in the themes listed before

If you still want to join us, you accomplish all the prerequisites, and you still think you'll be able to be one more of the iKx family, you should mail us a piece of your work (code, programz, articles) to the following address:

        [email protected]

And then we will judge if you are cool enough to belong to the iKx team. We will be in contact with you in all the process.

..."Defying time, defying imagination, defying gods in their domain - vx.netlux.org/ikx/"...
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