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-:- Our tech papers -:-

Here you will be able to download all the numbers of our e-zine, called Xine. There is published the great majority of our knowledge, in form of source codes and articles. You must know that a source code is not runnable, so we are not responsible of the compilation of it. We've included the binary forms of our stuff in a password-protected packed file, so, again, you're the last responsible of unpacking and decrypting it (it is for avoid "accidental" executions of our stuff).

Our Xine releases up to date:

Xine #1 - Published: Oct 1996. Packed size: 183K
Xine #2 - Published: Apr 1997. Packed size: 379K
Xine #3 - Published: May 1998. Packed size: 604K
Xine #4 - Published: Aug 1999. Packed size: 777K
Xine #5 - Published: march 2001 Packed size: 1,0M

All the Xines are worth to download, even the oldest ones, just for the feeling from forgotten times, and to check out what we did that time.

And, you won't only find viruses in the mags, also some internet stuff, and... well, just view them :)

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