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Mark Ludwig «The Giant Black Book of Computer Viruses» (104747 hits)
Mark Ludwig «The Little Black Book of Computer Viruses» (92760 hits)
Péter Ször «The Art of Computer Virus Research and Defense» (89074 hits)
Black Wolf «Virus in C» (86780 hits)
Neal Stephenson «Snow Crash» (66647 hits)
David Harley, Robert Slade, Urs Gattiker «Viruses Revealed: Understanding and Counter Malicious Software» (61077 hits)
John Aycock «Computer Viruses and Malware» (59514 hits)
VortX «Python Virus Writing Tutorial» (49862 hits)
John Aycock «Painting the Internet: A Different Kind of Warhol Worm» (44087 hits)
Cliff Stoll «The Cuckoo's Egg» (42410 hits)
Fred Cohen «Computer Viruses - Theory and Experiments» (42302 hits)
Mark Ludwig «Computer Viruses, Artificial Life and Evolution» (40660 hits)
John Brunner «The Shockwave Rider» (39645 hits)
The Mental Driller «Metamorphism in practice or "How I made MetaPHOR and what I've learnt"» (39271 hits)
Jose Nazario «Defense and Detection Strategies against Internet Worms» (36956 hits)
Dark Angel «Phunky Virus Writing Guide» (35764 hits)
John Shoch, Jon Hupp «The "Worm" Programs - Early Experience with a Distributed Computation» (35269 hits)
Silvio Cesare «Linux anti-debugging techniques (fooling the debugger)» (32733 hits)
Misha Glenny «DarkMarket: cyberthieves, cybercops and you» (32561 hits)
Thomas Chen, Jean-Marc Robert «The Evolution of Viruses and Worms» (32089 hits)
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