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1982 -
«EPO techniques under Win32»[Abstract] 6.4Kb 9861 hits
«Generally about VX scene (from the psychedelic point of view)»[Abstract] 4.83Kb 10155 hits
«ICQ visions» [SRC][Abstract] 5.54Kb 5935 hits
«Interview with Billy Belcebu/iKX» 33.08Kb 11131 hits
«Interview with StarZer0/iKX» 23.17Kb 10019 hits
«Microsoft .NET Common Language Runtime Overview» [SRC][Abstract] 14.69Kb 6682 hits
«MSIL-PE-EXE infection strategies»[Abstract] 10.1Kb 15380 hits
«Situation in VX scene»[Abstract] 10.05Kb 13494 hits
«Some ideaz about future worm»[Abstract] 3.87Kb 5809 hits
Benny, Ratter «Win2k.SFPDisable» [SRC][Abstract] 8.43Kb 6204 hits


For five years, Czech student Marek Strihavka programmed computer viruses as part of the underground group 29A. A twist of fate, however, has led the former virus writer to take a job stopping digital pests like those he used to create. About a year after leaving 29A, which takes its name from the base-16 representation of 666, the 22-year-old resident of Brno in the Czech Republic became the main developer of Zoner Software’s antivirus system.

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