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Library: Silvio Cesare

«ELF executable reconstruction from a core image» [SRC][Abstract] 6.08Kb 14218 hits
«Kernel function hijacking»[Abstract] 2.5Kb 14635 hits
«Linux anti-debugging techniques (fooling the debugger)»[Abstract] 5.55Kb 32917 hits
«Runtime kernel kmem patching»[Abstract] 29.39Kb 19088 hits
«Shared library call redirection using ELF PLT infection»[Abstract] 33.36Kb 18063 hits
«SysCall redirection without modifying the SysCall table» [SRC][Abstract] 2.38Kb 12626 hits
«Unix ELF parasites and virus»[Abstract] 34.86Kb 20958 hits
«Unix viruses»[Abstract] 49.59Kb 13701 hits
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