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George Danezis

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Mike Bond, George Danezis «A Pact with the Devil»[Abstract] 37.99Kb 10880 hits


I am a post-doctoral researcher at Microsoft Research Cambridge. My key interests relate to the areas of computer security, privacy, and in particular anonymous communications, traffic analysis, statistical inference, and peer-to-peer security. You can find more information about my work on the MSRC Security group pages and in particular the section on privacy research. My close colleagues here are Tuomas Aura, Michael Roe and Moritz Becker. My full CV as well as a short presentation of my work are also available.

Between 2005 and 2007 I was a post-doctoral visiting fellow at Prof. Bart Preneel's COSIC group at K.U.Leuven, Belgium. With Claudia Diaz we were coordinating the COSIC Privacy Group. Until 2005 I have been a research assistant in the Security Group, of the Computer Laboratory of the University of Cambridge, working on anonymous communications, peer-to-peer networks and censorship resistance. I also got my Ph.D, M.A. and B.A at the Cambridge University, Computer Laboratory under the supervision of Prof. Ross J. Anderson.

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