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Winfried Gleissner

Library: Winfried Gleissner

«A Mathematical Theory for the Spread of Computer Viruses» [TeX][Abstract] 22.69Kb 18018 hits

Dr. W. Gleissner received a Masters degree in numerical analysis from Oxford University in 1972 and a Diploma in mathematics from the Technical University of Munich in 1973. His main fields of interest were interval arithmetic and approximation theory but later changed to pure mathematics and representation theory of infinite groups. He received a doctoral degree in 1978 from Technical University of Munich. He then joined the Munich Reinsurance Co. as a project leader for the computer-based administration of the life reinsurance business for client insurance companies from all over the world. Later he was in charge of introducing workstations and in 1985 he became responsible for guideline development and programming methodology in an institution produsing software for the administration of the Federal Republic of Germany. His main fields of interest now are computer viruses and security-related topics in Unix. He was published more than a dozen papers about mathematical models in economics (Industrieanlager-Betriebgesellschaft mbH, Einsteunstrasse 20, D-8012 Ottobrunn, F.R.G.)

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