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1987 -


Belial, SPTH «Crazy ToDo list for VXers» [SRC][Abstract] 12.9Kb 6051 hits
hh86, SPTH «The flag of virtual space: Nonstandard Code Recreation» [SRC][Abstract] 8.79Kb 5271 hits
hh86, SPTH «Interview with JPanic»[Abstract] 26.85Kb 6448 hits
hh86, SPTH «Interview with Peter Ferrie»[Abstract] 20.35Kb 4995 hits
hh86, SPTH «Interview with roy g biv» [SRC][Abstract] 18.82Kb 5706 hits
hh86, SPTH «Interview with VirusBuster about 29A»[Abstract] 16.96Kb 6673 hits
«ASP.NET Virus Writing Guide» [SRC][Abstract] 24.53Kb 9950 hits
«Back to the Future: What viruswriters in the past thought about the viruses of the future»[Abstract] 30.47Kb 6277 hits
«A brief viral Introduction into F#» [SRC][Abstract] 11.17Kb 8815 hits
«Chomsky Hierarchy and the Word Problem in Code Mutation» [SRC][Abstract] 18.67Kb 12293 hits
«Code Evolution: Follow nature's example» [SRC][Abstract] 17.58Kb 13872 hits
«Code Mutations via Behaviour Analysis» [SRC][Abstract] 21.47Kb 9718 hits
«Code via Behaviour» [SRC][Abstract] 9.97Kb 12981 hits
«Computerviruses meet Infopath» [SRC][Abstract] 15.95Kb 8776 hits
«Cross Infection in JavaScript»[Abstract] 16.76Kb 17175 hits
«Cross Script Infection using MetaLanguages» [SRC][Abstract] 9.45Kb 5619 hits
«Cross Script Infection using the same code» [SRC][Abstract] 13.9Kb 5416 hits
«Dynamic Anti-Emulation using Blackbox Analysis» [SRC][Abstract] 14.42Kb 6454 hits
«Exotic Morphing Techniques In JavaScript»[Abstract] 25.26Kb 12041 hits
«Exotic Morphing Techniques in JavaScript II» [SRC][Abstract] 23.13Kb 4495 hits
«Hashes for Encryption» [SRC][Abstract] 9.62Kb 9976 hits
«Hiding your virus in the matrix» [TeX] [SRC][Abstract] 19.92Kb 13380 hits
«How to encrypt JavaScript viriis?» [SRC][Abstract] 4.87Kb 14216 hits
«Imitation of Life: Advanced system for native Artificial Evolution» [TeX] [SRC][Abstract] 42.06Kb 8122 hits
«Infecting Mathematica Notebook files» [SRC][Abstract] 15.46Kb 9366 hits
«Infection of biological DNA with digital Computer Code» [SRC][Abstract] 16.68Kb 9403 hits
«Interview with Eric Filiol»[Abstract] 29.14Kb 6549 hits
«Interview with genetix»[Abstract] 14.1Kb 6848 hits
«Interview with hh86»[Abstract] 9.19Kb 10763 hits
«Interview with hh86»[Abstract] 25.01Kb 5865 hits
«Interview with Jeff Dahmer / VX Heaven»[Abstract] 9.58Kb 6646 hits
«Interview with Karl Sims»[Abstract] 4.1Kb 7853 hits
«Interview with Mark Stamp»[Abstract] 15.79Kb 6335 hits
«Interview with pr0mix»[Abstract] 8.67Kb 5118 hits
«Interview with Ralph Burger»[Abstract] 4.83Kb 8380 hits
«Interview with SnakeByte»[Abstract] 5.46Kb 5338 hits
«Interview with Tom Ray»[Abstract] 11.63Kb 7848 hits
«Interview with WarGame»[Abstract] 10.81Kb 5144 hits
«Matlab.MicrophoneFever2» [SRC][Abstract] 85.01Kb 5561 hits
«MenuetOS infection»[Abstract] 31.15Kb 12019 hits
«Meta-Level Languages in Viruses»[Abstract] 9.45Kb 7408 hits
«Metamorphism and Self-Compilation in JavaScript» [SRC][Abstract] 17.84Kb 6532 hits
«Monad: Microsoft Command Shell Infection Tutorial» [SRC][Abstract] 10.35Kb 15298 hits
«New era of bootsectorviruses #1: FAT12 IMG infection at Disks» [SRC][Abstract] 17.06Kb 12400 hits
«New era of bootsectorviruses #2: El Torito ISO infection at FAT32» [SRC][Abstract] 19.01Kb 11491 hits
«New IRC spreading»[Abstract] 8.16Kb 9575 hits
«Over-File Splitting» [SRC][Abstract] 8.92Kb 11750 hits
«Past, Present and Future of Batch» [SRC][Abstract] 10.67Kb 11730 hits
«Perfect Internet-Worm via VisualBasic Script» [SRC][Abstract] 7.55Kb 25943 hits
«PHP Virus Writing Guide»[Abstract] 37.23Kb 27358 hits
«Polymorphism in BatXP» [SRC][Abstract] 9.86Kb 11430 hits
«Polymorphism in JavaScript» 30.44Kb 10602 hits
«RUBY Virus Writing Guide» [SRC][Abstract] 35.18Kb 21147 hits
«The Secure Virus-Copy» [SRC][Abstract] 8.29Kb 12726 hits
«Server -> Client Communtication for Preprocessor languages (PHP)» [SRC][Abstract] 5.7Kb 11559 hits
«Some ideas to increase detection complexity» [SRC][Abstract] 13.62Kb 8392 hits
«Somehow we should... Web 2.0»[Abstract] 3.52Kb 9409 hits
«Surrealism in viruswriting: How to create new ideas»[Abstract] 4.48Kb 11438 hits
«Taking the redpill: Artificial Evolution in native x86 systems» [TeX] [SRC][Abstract] 41.93Kb 21827 hits
«Thoughts about Morphology in viruses»[Abstract] 5.27Kb 11380 hits
«Useful things in Batch» [SRC][Abstract] 7.66Kb 13906 hits
«Useful things in JavaScript»[Abstract] 14.67Kb 13762 hits
«Wikipedia: Using free knowlegde for bad stuff» [SRC][Abstract] 11.25Kb 9081 hits
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