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Steve White

Library: Steve White

IBM Research

David Chess, Steve White «An Undetectable Computer Virus» [TeX] [SRC][Abstract] 19.54Kb 15582 hits
Jeffrey Kephart, David Chess, Steve White «Computers and epidemiology»[Abstract] 34.1Kb 13249 hits
Jeffrey Kephart, Gregory Sorkin, William Arnold, David Chess, Gerald Tesauro, Steve White «Biologically Inspired Defenses Against Computer Viruses» [TeX][Abstract] 66.15Kb 12313 hits
Jeffrey Kephart, Gregory Sorkin, David Chess, Steve White «Fighting Computer Viruses»[Abstract] 25.18Kb 22394 hits
Jeffrey Kephart, Gregory Sorkin, Morton Swimmer, Steve White «Blueprint for a Computer Immune System»[Abstract] 54.32Kb 12310 hits
Jeffrey Kephart, Steve White «Directed-Graph Epidemiological Models of Computer Viruses» [TeX][Abstract] 97.07Kb 12232 hits
«Covert Distributed Processing with Computer Viruses» [TeX][Abstract] 9.03Kb 12867 hits
«Open Problems in Computer Virus Research»[Abstract] 40.95Kb 13254 hits
Steve White, David Chess, Chengi Kuo «Coping with Computer Viruses and Related Problems»[Abstract] 63.76Kb 13538 hits
Steve White, Jeffrey Kephart, David Chess «Computer Viruses: A Global Perspective»[Abstract] 50.91Kb 16296 hits

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