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«"DELAYED CODE" technology (version 1.1)»[Abstract] 11.28Kb 15745 hits
«About reversing»[Abstract] 13.78Kb 14289 hits
«About undetectable viruses» [TeX][Abstract] 6.2Kb 5252 hits
«Adding LDT entries in Win2K»[Abstract] 7.11Kb 17149 hits
«Automated reverse engineering: Mistfall engine» [SRC][Abstract] 15.43Kb 23511 hits
«Code transformation and finite automatons» 22.32Kb 12444 hits
«Data encoding in meta viruses» 7.35Kb 11103 hits
«Description of the win98/INT 2E services (VMM/NTKERN.VxD)» 44.22Kb 16040 hits
«Disassemblers within viruses»[Abstract] 14.61Kb 12069 hits
«Entering Ring-0 Using Win32 Api: Context Modification»[Abstract] 5.77Kb 14179 hits
«Hooking WinNT/2K/XP API v0.01»[Abstract] 2.64Kb 17266 hits
«I.Danilov vs V.Bogdanov (Dr.Web vs AVP): Programmer's Competition»[Abstract] 18.52Kb 13016 hits
«Infecting ISO CD images»[Abstract] 10.24Kb 7132 hits
«Injected Evil (executable files infection)» [SRC][Abstract] 9.21Kb 15038 hits
«Inside of Avp4»[Abstract] 2.68Kb 10655 hits
«Metamorphism (part 1)» [SRC] 30.38Kb 14537 hits
«Metamorphism and permutation: feel the difference» 1.13Kb 9806 hits
«Opcode Frequency Statistics»[Abstract] 8.82Kb 12670 hits
«Permutation conditions»[Abstract] 10.11Kb 11807 hits
«Pervert world wide»[Abstract] 2.64Kb 11734 hits
«Polymorphic Games» [SRC] 7.91Kb 12771 hits
«Solving Plain Strings Problem In HLL»[Abstract] 13.43Kb 11881 hits
«Some ideas about metamorphism»[Abstract] 5.41Kb 11847 hits
«Tracing under Win32» [SRC] 7.06Kb 12793 hits
«Traitor Outlook»[Abstract] 6.78Kb 11638 hits
«The virmaking is dying»[Abstract] 2.07Kb 10161 hits
«Virus engines: common recomendations (3rd edition)»[Abstract] 14.38Kb 12573 hits
«VMware has you» [SRC][Abstract] 1.79Kb 13993 hits
«Writing into kernel from ring-3: Lets fuck pagetable» [SRC][Abstract] 15.04Kb 15490 hits
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