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A study of anti-virus' response to unknown threats

Christophe Devine, Nicolas Richaud
EICAR 18th Annual Conference
May 2009

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This study presents the evaluation of twelve anti-virus products with regards to programs not known from the signature files that show different kinds of malicious behavior. In practical terms, a set of twenty-one tests implementing various actions were developed; they cover key-logging, injection of code into other processes, network evasion, rootkit-like behaviour and exploitation of software vulnerabilities. The test programs were then run against each anti-virus program, and results were collected and consolidated. It was shown that all products tested here show deficiencies in at least one area, and some in all areas. For example, eleven anti-virus programs out of twelve still do not detect one code injection technique, which has been known for more than five years. Programs that spy on the user, such as recording the microphone, are not detected at all. Finally, this study provides recommendations to anti-virus vendors to enhance the capabilities of their products to detect malware, and improve safeguards against known attack techniques.

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