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The solution in the naming chaos

Ferenc Leitold
EICAR 2005 Conference: Best Paper Proceedings, pp.365-378

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As the first computer virus born there were a lot of godfather of it. Every antivirus solution uses its own naming convention so now there are more than hundred-thousand different computer viruses in the world and there are at least one million virus names for them. This problem is highlighted in this paper. Unfortunately it is impossible that antivirus developers change their naming convention and use the same identification of the same computer virus. Virus and worm nomenclature is typically left up to the security vendor which first discovers the malware. Until the beginning of 2004 the process worked, more or less. But the large scale and rapid release of multiple variants of worms in the Netsky, Bagle, MyDoom and other families last year led to confusion, with antivirus firms out of sync in their naming. One vendor would tag a new Bagle as Bagle.w, for instance, while others would call it Bagle.u or Bagle.t.

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