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The Virus Creation Labs: A Journey into the Underground

George Smith
American Eagle Publications
ISBN 978-1441411389
December 1994

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... where some people think they're police, and some think they're God... where lousy products get great reviews, and people who write good programs are shouted down by fools. Visit a world of idiots gawking at technological marvels as those marvels munch up their data. Visit a world where government agents distribute viruses and anti-virus developers hire virus writers (or work for them). Surely this is cyberspace as it was meant to be! (Mark Ludwig, Author of The Little Black Book of Computer Viruses)

As a satirist, I should probably resent this book, because I am incapable of making up anything as wild as George Smith's true account of the media-manufactured panic over computer viruses. But as a reader, I found it riveting. If you like superstition, ignorance, duplicity, greed, demonology and hypocricy as much as I do, you'll like it too! (Floyd Kemske, Critically acclaimed author of The Virtual Boss)

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