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Supercompilation for Equivalence Testing in Metamorphic Computer Viruses Detection

Alexei Lisitsa, Matt Webster
A version of this paper has been presented at the Workshop on the Theory of Computer Viruses, 2008, Nancy, 15.05.2008
May 2008

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In this paper we present a novel approach to detection of metamorphic computer viruses by using proving program equivalence based on program transformation technique known as supercompilation [7]. Proving program equivalence is an undecidable problem in the general case; however, in specific cases we may find decidable or semi-decidable procedures that can prove that a sub-class of programs are equivalent. This is of relevance for detecting metamorphic computer viruses, which use a variety of semantics-preserving, syntax-mutating methods for code obfuscation. The main purpose of this obfuscation is to avoid detection by signature scanning. An important factor here is that semantics is preserved; therefore, if we can prove using some procedure that two different programs are equivalent, then in principle we can detect metamorphic computer viruses using this procedure.

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