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Peter Ferrie
Virus Bulletin, April 2003, pp. 5-6
ISSN 0956-9979
April 2003

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[email protected] is another creation from Benny the virus-writer. Its name is derived from the word ‘serotonin’, which is a chemical found in the brain that has been linked to the onset of sleep, among other things. If anyone is wondering whether, this time, Benny has released a bug-free virus... the answer is no. Serot is plagued by programming errors that almost disable it, however some of its capabilities are worth describing, in case another virus appears with these bugs fixed.

Serot uses a ‘plug-in’ architecture – which was very successful in W95/Hybris. However, the plug-ins in Serot are almost completely self-contained, even carrying their own buffers if the buffers are ‘small’ enough, resulting in an enormous collection, and much redundancy in the code.

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