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This sig doesn't run

Peter Ferrie
Virus Bulletin, January 2012, pp. 4-5
ISSN 0956-9979
January 2012

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Some virus writers like to brag about themselves or their creations. Sometimes the bragging is done via the virus author’s choice of name for the virus. Of course, it’s rare that the content justifies the bragging, since lots of viruses contain bugs. Here we have the ultimate combination of bragging and bugs. The author of the virus gave it the name ‘Sigrún’, which is Old Norse for ‘victory rune’. However, there is no victory because the virus does not work (the reason why will not be described here). Just in case the bug is fixed, let’s call it W64/Svafa, because ‘Sváfa’ is the previous incarnation of Sigrún, and the name is thought to derive from the word for ‘sleep-maker’, which seems appropriate.

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