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Virus Writers: Who Writes This Stuff Anyway?

Scott Dewing
Project A; this article was originally published in Jefferson Monthly magazine

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The room is dark and quiet except for a few glowing monitors, the dull hum of spinning fans and hard-drives, the almost inaudible thumping bass of hard Industrial music leaking out of a pair of headphones, and short bursts of staccato keyboarding accompanied by intermittent mouse clicks. Empty Coke cans and candy wrappers litter a crude desk cobbled together from scrap two-by-fours and a sheet of splintering plywood. It is 2 a.m., and while you are sleeping, this young punk with his fresh tattoos and pimples is nestled within this warm glow and hum, creating the next virus that is going to sweep the Internet and bring large corporations to their knees.

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