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My Thought on the Proposed Legislation to make Virus Code Illegal in the U.S.A.

Matt Miller
C.R.I.S [1]
November 1993

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OK, I'll try to be brief here.... From the above we receive our "rights" of Freedom of Speech, The Right to Bear Arms,The Right to be secure in our personal spaces and not to have to put up with illegal search and seizure, We are also assured that our personal property will not be taken without due process of law. That being said, why should anyone have the right to tell another what type of code he/she may have on their own personal computer? I understand the laws against software piracy, that's the same as theft, but I do not understand why anyone should be able to tell me that I may not keep virus code on my PC. I know it's been discussed before, but this issue is comparable to our laws on guns. We allow people to own guns for their own personal enjoyment, and for protection. Some perverse individuals use them to kill others, yet we do not tell the rest of the gun owners that they may no longer own them. Some people own viruses for their own personal enjoyment, and also through studying them they contribute to the protection of their systems. It seems to me that we should enact tough legislation against those who use this code to knowingly damage others systems, but those that just want to see what they are capable of, or study them to aid in the prevention of infection, should still be able to legally own and obtain them.

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