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Situation in VX scene

29a [6]
March 2002

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Many ppl that watch a bit the VX scene figured out that something's wrong. The scene and many thingz inside it ain't no more what it used to be. Some coderz talk about "dying", "decadency", some of them talk at least about really serious problemz. What happened? Old, elite and active coderz leave or only stop contributing to the scene. Script kiddiez and their so called "viruses/wormz" rule the cyberworld. Suddenly it's very problem to find new, perspective coderz. Many VX groupz are dead or inactive. AVerz earnz money from ppl that are becoz of their 99,99% stupidity responsible for big viral epidemiez (aka "click-on-me" wormz). Where are those elite coderz, elite groupz? Where are those high-tech viruses which "yesterday" ruled the world? Decandency. What reasonz caused this situation?

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