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Virus DATabase

September 2000

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MGL: Virus DATabase is not exactly a zine, but a virus knowledge base with tutorials, source codes, interviews, group information and other. VDAT has been for long time the standart reference base and the scene's Who's who. It was for long time free accessible for everyone, but now Cicatrix, the dude behind VDAT, has decided to change the policy. Starting with VDAT 2000.1 this unique piece of information is now just for the insiders - you need to have key, or you can access just a few areas. The reason why was obvious - too much negative reactions from certain assholes. Original VDAT's homepage no longer exists, however official VDAT distro site is now hosted on Most of the people respected the decision of making recent VDAT not publicly readable. Need to say this valuable piece of information was still accessible - with the release of new version, the keyfile for old version was released. But when the actual VDAT key leaked to public Cicatrix decited to discontinue VDAT updating it only for his own purposes.

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