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Save your fingers - get your fake names from the i-net

Ready Rangers Liberation Front [6]
February 2005

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Maybe you know this situation, you write a pretty good massmailer, i-net or P2P worm and you need some ideas for the fake names. You are sick seeing names like "Damn_Fine_Porn.mpg .exe" or "Photoshop Crack working!.exe". So what to do? Get some inspiration from the internet, go to some warez/crackz sites and copy and paste some real crack names including application name, exact version number and maybe the author of the crack. Looking a bit realer then "Micr0soft all products keygen.exe", huh?! You wanna do some good stuff, including many names... you are now copy and paste your name number 34, stupid work, no? At this point I ask you, why do you copy and paste a already existing huge database of names? Just write a simple but effective code and get thousends of names at runtime :). So read on and see how easy it is...

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