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VX vs Commerce

d3m, Ar3s
Inception #1 (EN)

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you can hardly see messages about massive epidemy of a worm, which was spread for self-affirmation of an author, for fun, for anything else but commerce. All viruses that are actively spread now, all malware that infect users' (and not only) PCs, aimed to make profit for their creators. In general, among the big amount of "kiddie malware" we can come across with very interesting (technically new) exemplars. We can just look at "TOP 10" of the most dangerous viruses on web-sites of the most famous Antivirus companies. About more interesting exemplars employees of AV companies prefer to write in the blogs of their company with slightly deep analysis of a sample. As a matter of fact among 100% of "kiddie-malware" you can find about 10% of interesting samples, which was coded by professional coders with using of interesting, hard technologies

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