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UNIX SH and BASH shell viruses

Gobleen Warrior
29a [6]
March 2002

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What is UNIX Shell? People, who knows it, can scip some lines below, people, who knows UNIX well, can don't read this text at all. UNIX Shell is pecular BAT language of the UNIX systems, but much more advanced, functional and effective. A lot of system utilites are written in it, and it's says a lot about UNIX Shell. There is a many varieties of the UNIX Shell, for example SH, BASH, ZSH, KSH, CSH, you even can write your own UNIX Shell interpreter. It complicates writing of the programs by reducing of their compatibility. UNIX Shell language is rather flexible and universal. Equally as in the BAT, in UNIX Shell language there are internal, built-in commands, such as, for example, "cd", and external, system, commands, such as "cp", for example. In the UNIX Shell language there are constuctions like "if ... then", "for ... in ... do", and similar to them. In this article i will talk about one from numerous versions of UNIX Shell - SH and its extended version BASH.

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