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The Masquerader

Valhalla #1
August 2011

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For long time I wanted to use a MMX decryption engine. MMX was introduced by Intel earlier, and it has lots of complex instructions. Then AMD introduced few more instructions for it. Which I forgot in the time. And then some of them went for SSE by Intel little later. However, for this virus I didn't employed any of those complex shuffling, packing, or logic instructions. I only wanted one: MASKMOVQ.

The interesting about this instruction is that it moves to memory a 32/64-bit value conditionally. It takes two operands, source which holds value to move. Second operand is mask, the mask specifies which byte of the source must move to memory. If most significant bit of each byte is on (in mask), then byte source is moved to memory (memory pointer is always in EDI/RDI), if off then nothing.

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