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Metamorphism in practice or "How I made MetaPHOR and what I've learnt"

The Mental Driller
29a [6]
February 2002

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Metamorphism is the art of extreme mutation. This means, we mutate everything in the code, not only a possible decryptor. Metamorphism was the natural evolution from polymorphism, which appeared to evade virus scanners. With metamorphism, the difficulty to detect a virus grows exponentially.

Then, why aren't there more metamorphic viruses? Simple: they are extremely difficult to make, as I show in this article (not only for tech used, but for the many fux0ring problems we can when we code something like that). Anyway, we'll try to see here that maybe the important thing is to have the correct ideas (something that coders like Vecna, Z0MBiE and others had - hello! :).

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