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Why writing viruses?

Xine [4]
September 1999

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The main purpose in life is, i think, to be happy. The question would be then if we have enough time to annoy each other with viriis. I'm not writing to the virus community, explaining why we are right to destroy our neightboor's computer, i don't want to apologize for writing virii, and i don't want victims to excuse us. Some of you, Xers, try to explain that destruction is in nature, so that we are completely right to destroy, but i don't think that the virii purpose is in destruction. I don't agree with destruction, cuz i know how a whole work can stand on a floppy, or on a hard drive, i know that computers are not that cheap, i dunno why men try to destroy, but i suppose it's to feel superior. erm.... wait. If i learn that a virii had burned my mother's hard drives, i would be very annoyed, but if it was the McAffe, i would'nt agree, publicly ;). (So, would the virus 'select' target hard-drives?) I think that virusses are a kind of fight, a fight for fun, no death, no blood, only winners and loosers. I think then that a virus that tell 'Happy birthday' each 25/6 is better than one that tell nothing but destroy everything each 26/5... After funning with that stuff, virii that can be, as ya know, very useful weapons if well-used, can i think be used as that, i mean a weapons. As words some times, but to use a weapons, you must have a conviction, a purpose.

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