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Ring0 under WinNT/2k/XP

29a [7]
February 2004

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Ring0 under NT? Does it also sound to you almost religious as to me? NT based operating systems weren't written as a toy so gaining ring0 under these is much harder (if not impossible) than under Win9x/Me. Yes there were exploits (like getadmin) that used bugs in the code but that was the badly written code. The design does not have any hole (i believe) that would let on well written system without bugs run nonprivileged code under ring0. But that's it. Microsoft unfortunately doesn't write code without bugs (what degrades the architecture; i wish, Microsoft would succeed in this particular task - to write at least one version of NT system without high priority flaws - to shut the fuckin linux radicals mouth. yes, open source is nice, M$ monopol is bad, but well i don't care - if there would be comparable nice OS i would love it (ReactOS is coming :-)) but i don't like *nix, anyway i do like FreeBSD, but less than NT :-))

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