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Thunderbyte Residency Test

Vlad [3]
February 1995

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As you may or may not know, the Thunderbyte resident av utilities hook themselves to the device driver chain using the following device names: TBDRVXXX, TBFILXXX, TBDSKXXX, TBMEMXXX, TBCHKXXX and TBLOGXXX. Now, by doing trial handle opens you can detect if those devices do or do not exist et voila, you have a method for testing residency. TBAV itself scans the actual device driver chain for the TB???XXX devices which is unlike this method, pretty much impossible to confuse, but also undocumented and thus it's not guaranteed to work under future versions of DOS! Yes, Frans Veldman calls vile and unsafe functions in his battle against replicating codefragments.

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