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Post discovery strategies

Insane Reality Magazine [7]
December 1995

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Most virii these days, take many Pre-Discovery precautions. This simply means that they take precautions to avoid discovery, assuming the virus has not already been discovered. Common examples of Pre-Discovery Stratagies are File Stealth, Sector Stealth, and MCB stealth (i.e any stealth). These mechanisms are used to stop the virus being discovered, but once it has been discovered, and is in the hands of the AV, they're essentially useless. It is only a matter of days (or even hours) until a suitable scan string or algorithm has been determined, for inclusion in to there AV programs.

There is how ever, a solution: post discovery strategies. These are mechanisms that instead of serving the purpose of hiding the virus from detection, make the virus harder to analyse, and hence determine a scan string or detection algorithm. To be entirely honest, the previous statement is not completely correct - in order to take advantage of any of these methods your virus can not have a scan string - without atleast polymorphism, Post Discovery Stratagies are useless. This document will be divided in to three main sections: Polymorphis, Anti-Bait Techniques, Anti-Debugger Techniques.

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