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Linux Worms - some ideas

Matrix Zine [3]
April 2001

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In these days ramen shocked the red hat users, because they suddenly realized that worms can also spread with unix/linux, a facts everyone seems to have forgotten since the morrison worm rocked 1988 through the arpanet. And while I am writing this, another worm called li0n goes through the world, all newer worms are just lame versions of what will come, these worms are all in all a collection of badly written shell script and some C ELF Binaries, to my mind there is much more possible than this. Nowadays, every Linux/Unix user tells a virus writer, that viruses and worms are just a problem with windows, because the unix system has stronger permissions for files and similar things. I want to discuss here some ideas how a worm could spread in Linux environment. Some of them have already been implemented, some not.

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