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PHP Virus Writing Guide

29a [7]
October 2003

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PHP, abbreviate: 'Hypertext Preprocessor', is a very common script language for the world-wide-web. You're possible to do nearly everthing internet related with that language. That means, you're also able to make viruses for it. The first virus for PHP, PHP.Pirus by MaskBits/VXI, was done in October 2000, and was released in 29A#5. It was no real virus, moreover a companion. It writes to every PHP-file in the current directory a line, which let the victim run the virus. But the host doesn't contain the virus. After searching something about PHP viruses I found out that there is no high-tech PHP virus so far out, because all the virus I could find are rips of PHP.Pirus (useing the same prinzip). That was my inspiration in writing such an article. I wanted to make something totally new, and I guess I had success. I tested every source with PHP 4.3.3, and everthing worked fine. Now go on reading this and learn something about PHP viruses! :)

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