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MenuetOS infection

Ready Rangers Liberation Front [5]
November 2004

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MenuetOS is a new and free Operating System with GUI (Graphical User Interface) and many network tools like a eMail program or a IRC client, which fits on one disk. The Operating System is fully assembler written and has a great documation, more than that, it's open source. You can find the OS here: I got the idea of writing a virus for it, when I had the first contact with it: One boring day in a IRC-channel VxF talked about it, and joked about writing viruses for it. Well, that was the start of the whole story, and as I became bored of all that windows based virus, I thought it would be a nice challenge for me. About five month after that contact the first virus (Menuet.Oxymoron) was finished. As I had to learn alot of it by myself, I want to share this information with you. And that's also the only purpose of this article.

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