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Monad: Microsoft Command Shell Infection Tutorial

Ready Rangers Liberation Front [6]
July 2005

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Monad - Microsoft Command Shell is the next version of CMD.exe and will be used in Microsoft Windows Longhorn. Everybody knows that and CMD.exe had a very small amount of commands, and where therefore nearly useless. Monad will be like Linux's Bash - that means a great number of command and functions. We will be able to make as huge and complex script as we can do it in Linux. As I thought this next step of Microsoft (stealing the ideas of OpenSource Software) should be infected too, I did. It is totally different to the older Command Shell of M$: The objects seems to have a very near connection to C#, the syntax is near to the syntax of bash or PHP. Nevertheless I sat down and tried it, and after ~6 hours after installing I saw my first Overwriter working. I think it is quite funny to infect a future part of Longhorn, which will be released in ~12 months. :D Just for information: I've worked with Windows Command Shell [6.0.4093.0]. Now, let's more to the real content!

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