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The Secure Virus-Copy

Ready Rangers Liberation Front [5]
May 2004

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The title of this article sounds really strange and I'm sure, you can't think what I'll tell you now. Don't worry, you will get the point while reading this text. First I have to thank three persons, who's viruses or articles helped me to get this idea. First person is Benny, who wrote a great article called 'Some ideaz about future worms', which was released in 29a#6. In his article he mentioned that a worm 'should not be stored at any file on the disk'. The second important person, who's virus helped me to get the idea and bring the idea to reallity was Lys Kovick with his WinREG.AntiREG. Last but not least Q the Misanthrope's virus Bat.OneLine wsa very important for this article. To all these guys I have to send out a really great 'THANK YOU'! :D Well you still can't think about my idea, so I'll stopp writing this silly intro and start to come to the important parts...

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