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RUBY Virus Writing Guide

29A #8
November 2004

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Ruby is an interpreted script language, which is mainly used for web-sites. You can do alot of things with Ruby. The language's syntax has quite a lot realtion-ship to the C-syntax, but the whole language seems to be nearer to PHP or VB. It's a quite nice mixture of several famouse language, therefore it should not be that problem to learn the language, if you already know some other web-based script languages. The official site of Ruby is: The language has been done in japan, where it is very famouse. I've read about Ruby in a Linux Magazine, with a Knoppix 3.6-script-edition CD. As the text about Ruby was nice, I wanted to try it. And so I did. I've tested every source with ActiveScriptRuby ( With this article I wanted to discover another language fully. I hope you like it, if not, I don't care alot, because I had fun while writing it. :)

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