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Macro Virus Heuristics

Alan Solomon

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Dr. Solomon's have made a dramatic technological breakthrough in the fight against viruses.

The biggest problem today for corporates and home users alike are Microsoft Word macro viruses. Since their first appearance in August 1995 these viruses have quickly come to dominate the "top of the pop" stakes in terms of prevalence, with names like Concept, Wazzu, Npad, and Imposter.

Dr Solomon's and other anti-virus vendors are witnessing a dramatic increase in the number of macro viruses - at the time of writing there are more than 600 - with more and more breaking out into the wild all the time.

To combat this Dr Solomon's have developed the capability to detect new and unknown Word macro viruses - before they have even been seen in our virus labs! Our new Advanced Macro Heuristic Analysis facility means that Dr Solomon's anti-virus software can detect not only known macro viruses, but unknown ones as well.

The problem with traditional heuristic techniques is false alarms. That's when an anti-virus product says you have got a virus when in fact you haven't. In laboratory tests it has been found that Dr Solomon's can detect over 80% of new, unknown macro viruses and yet doesn't suffer from a false alarm problem.

With new macro viruses infecting companies every day it is vital to have a level of protection which doesn't inconvenience the user. With this new state-of-the-art technology Dr Solomon's is answering the problem all other anti-virus companies have chosen to ignore: how to protect users from brand new macro viruses.

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