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Interview with Jeff Dahmer / VX Heaven

Valhalla #4
November 2013

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Jeff Dahmer is the new administrator of VX Heaven, our fantastic library, after it was raided by ukrainian authorities in March 2012 for no reason - and we are of course very thankful that he and herm1t managed to bring the library back. Here we talk with him about the project, fairy tails and other important things :)

You can reach him via [email protected]

The interview was done in two sessions via email in October/November 2013.

Have fun :)

Hello dahmer, thanks alot for accepting the interview! As not many people know you very well (including me :D), please introduce yourself a bit. Who are you? How old are you? Where are you from? What are you doing? What kind of music do you like?

Hey, bro, first of all, let me thank You personnaly and all the editorial for the possibility of contributing to the zine!

As far as you know, Dahmer is an alias, and we'll talk about this a bit later. That might be the most difficult question - who am I? - philantrope, hacker, alcoholic:P Make a choice yourself

I'm old enough to pay taxes, buy alcohol, use drugs, drive car and be jailed:)

Whats your favorite book and movie? Favorite Fairy Tail? :D

Oh, that's quite an easy question - dozens of 'em!!! Books, movies and fairy-tales:P

And music varies from classics, like Wagner and Orff, to the old-school thrash-metal (yummy:) ) - Slayer

Actually i'm keen on movies alot, especially on those which are about war, history, crimes, serial-killings and blah-blah-blah.

You go by the name Jeff Dahmer. Is this your real name? If not, what does it mean?

Nope, it's an alias taken after the name of a serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. I was really inspired by his story.

What is your connection to computer security? Are you interested in hacking, reverse engineering, computer viruses, cryptology&privacy? Do you work in the offence or defence?

I find my interests in the areas of offensive security, hacking and exploitation.

Interesting, can you tell us a bit more about it? Are you part of some bad-ass hacking group? Do you write publicly available articles about your work?

Bad-ass hacking group, huh? Are there any left since CoC and CCC????:) Kidding) I don't write stuff, maybe because being to drunk and lazy all the time:|

What is your relation to computer viruses and self-replicating codes? Have you ever written them yourself?

It would be definetely true to say that i'm not developing code myself... The last one was like a hell-of-the-years ago;)

Haha, you should start again ;-) So as you are not a vxer yourself, but the admin of the best vxer-library, what kind of VX-stuff do you find interesting? Is there any? :-)

I think, things must be straight & divided. Being unengaged with pure vx-ing thus having managing capabilities would be much more effective in coping with "one of the best" projects. Remeber Jobs (R.I.P), Gates etc.? They all started Ideas which were brought to their current "future" by the routine managers, so did we with VX (quite funny comparison, isn't it?:) ): me - doing administering and running "business", herm1t - ideology.

Regarding VX stuff - I personally admire *nix codes alot...rootkits, injection kits, sploit-packs, etc.

Do you have alot contact with virus-writers and other virus-researchers?

Actually it's hard to say for sure. I'm not profiling my buddies as "VXers"" non-VXers". But there some prominent personalities among them - that's the fact!

VX Heavens (the best resource about computer viruses - our library) was shut down in March 2012 by ukrainian authorities, and herm1t had to fight a unnecessary case. Can you tell something about that it?

I think it would be better to ask herm1t on the details on that case, as he is the key figure in all that chaos. In my opinion, he? personally? and the Project itself, just became an irritating point to the local authorities, that tried to tie all the things on the duty of so called 'authorities' through posing herm1t as most notrious criminal, and the VX-project - as main black-hat market and virus distribution platform. That's an absurd. I know the guy for a while, and he's definetely not driving a Porsche like a black-hat pimp.

You are now the administrator of the VX Heaven project since July 2013. How did it come that you restart that project? What was required to do?

Why not? It's quite a logical statement of further project development. We met once, got a lot of whisky and put a question for a discussion - to be or not to be. Whether the project is going to be buried, or it's gonna be up and prosper. It was not so difficult - the answer was -"YES!"

We got backups, starting funds, got the hardware for a rapid start - so it came back up and loaded. I would lie if say that there were no risks and threats on launching the project, but we're dealing with it for now, and I do believe - everything's gonna be great.

We've got strategy and irresistible desire to move further.

How can people help you with the VX Heaven project?

The live of the project based mostly on three things:

  1. People and their faith in us
  2. Content
  3. Investments

Yeah, we've tried to launch the donation campaign, but it has actually failed, for a lot of reasons. But we're not declining donations as the fact, though we have to reconsider some things, to keep it simple and easy for people to help the project.

While, the main operational idea of the project to be bidirectional with it's users, we're developing some strategies on donation encouragement, but let it be a mystery for now:)

Content - content is the key feature of the project - knowledge base, library, board discussions, etc. It brings people together, helps in sharing thoughts and knowledge, gives answers and starts up ideas. So, we will definitely put an effort on producing, storing and distributing the finest content in the area of malware-code research, it's history and further development (for scientific purposes, of course).

Did you get any hate-emails when you restarted the project again? I saw some stupid comments by KAV people at twitter when it was shut down, anything like that when it came back?

He-he:) How do you think?:P

In common - yep - we encounter some kind of harassments, but we're dealing with it:)

What are your plans with the project?

Development and investment - that's the main aim. The VXHeaven project has Investment plans I described abit earlier. As for project development plans, for the Phase 1, they are:

  1. Restructuring the main interface code - it needs to be much more usable and intuitive.
  2. Bringing up all the library data and back-ups, reforming storage methods, making it consistent and fault-free.
  3. Changing the board engine (it really makes me sick), terms\policies of usage revisioning.

In the VX Heaven forum, the density of people that are interested in botnet-shit and tools for stealing money increased. What do you think about it? You know I dont like those criminals, are you on my side? ;-)

That's a bit double-edged question. On one hand - the more code we expose, the faster it's becoming "de-priv-+8", and the chances on developing mitigation tools are growing; on the other - 'authorities' and AV'ers, with their stupidness and narrow-mindness, do react quite neurasthenic, acussing the exposers in all deadly sins and demanding immediate capitol punishment; skiddies - are also the threat, it's like providing monkey with a grenade. VX - Virus eXchange - I mean open exchange, not marketed, for me it's like a researching a vaccine working constantly with some deadly virus like ebola and the gun pointed to your head, and those bitches (auth,av) like having the cure but afraid of exposing it and want nobody ever found or even researched it because of shaking on every bloody penny of their.

As for black\grey\white-hats and sides - it's like magic - there's no black or white magic, there are magic and intentions, mixed.

What is the first thing that comes to my mind for the following 20 terms :)

no such agency
Edward Snowden
SCADA audit toolkit
Pretty Good Poo
Chaos Chomputer Club
Fucking Dinosaurs, love 'em
Pink Floyd
is dead, I'm alive
New Horizons 2015
Help, i need to kill smbd.
Chuck Shuldiner
Eugene Kaspersky
KGB doggy-style
Mikko Hypponen
ex-Ponny-tail dude
Harry Potter
Julia Timoschenko
Klishko brothers
Neil Armstrong
european union
The Old World
Russia / Putin
Kuzma's Mother

Imagine a nice ghost offers you three wishes, what would they be? :)

  1. No hunger
  2. No diseases
  3. Peace all over the world


Thanks alot dahmer for your time! Feel free to fill the rest of the document with whatever you like! :)

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