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Computer virus directory / Magazines and groups (21)

29A Labs group, 29A zine
(11086 hits since 12/31/01, avg/day 1.9418)
See also 29A
Electrical Ordered Freedom
(3026 hits since 01/02/07, avg/day 0.7796)
See also Electrical Ordered Freedom
451 virus project homepage
451 virus project, magazine. Viruses, engines, tools, and more
(1804 hits since 03/25/07, avg/day 0.4748)
7A69 Malware Labs
(1040 hits since 04/20/07, avg/day 0.2756)
Dark Coderz Alliance
(2481 hits since 10/18/04, avg/day 0.5293)
DooM RiderZ
(2684 hits since 07/11/06, avg/day 0.6617)
See also Doom Riderz
F-13 Labs
This site is the resourses of how to code win32 virus and cracking&reverse engine.
(3629 hits since 02/27/06, avg/day 0.8659)
Spanish Virus Writters Team (since 2001) Mitosis e-zine
(5217 hits since 02/05/03, avg/day 0.9828)
See also Gedzac
GODown Ukrainian Virus Group
(917 hits since 02/12/09, avg/day 0.2949)
International Knowledge eXhange
IKX virus group, Xine magazine
(1851 hits since 12/20/04, avg/day 0.4002)
Meta-Informatic Syndrome Patients
General research on virii. Sources and tutorials.
(2105 hits since 09/15/04, avg/day 0.4459)
No Bunkum
Russian zine covering wide range of security topics.
(788 hits since 11/11/09, avg/day 0.2777)
Phearless eZine
Serbian magazine dedicated to hacking and viruses.
(1196 hits since 05/17/06, avg/day 0.2909)
Purgatory Virus Team
The Purgatory Virus Team Home Pages
(1389 hits since 10/31/05, avg/day 0.3223)
Virus group Ready Rangers Liberation Front, RRLF zine
(6259 hits since 12/31/01, avg/day 1.0963)
See also Ready Rangers Liberation Front
Virus group Super Malware Force, DVL zine. The site was not updated since 2001.
(5436 hits since 12/31/01, avg/day 0.9522)
See also Duke Virus Lab
The Passion of Code
(1249 hits since 04/03/06, avg/day 0.3006)
Vietnamese Virii Association
Vietnamese/English forum
(731 hits since 12/09/08, avg/day 0.2303)
The site of now disbanded group Vlad, archived magazines.
(1695 hits since 04/20/10, avg/day 0.6330)
See also Vlad
Your polymorphic nightmare! - German VX Community
(492 hits since 11/23/11, avg/day 0.2348)
VX_BRASIL - Triade VX Group
To create Virus forever! New generation of VX! Brazil V1RU5
(2456 hits since 09/26/04, avg/day 0.5215)
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