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Magazines, tutorials, papers, laws, sources, live viruses, polymorphic engines, virus creation tools, collecting utilities, simulators, links (this page), and more ...
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(8793 hits since 03/18/04, avg/day 1.8361)
This is is in Indonesian. This site contains lot of Symbian / Mobile Viruses like Skulls,Caribe,CommWarrior,DoomBoot, CardTrap, etc...
(9650 hits since 11/11/05, avg/day 2.3054)
This site is dedicated to the study of Advanced Cryptographic Trojan Horses, Viruses, and Worms
(12790 hits since 09/01/04, avg/day 2.7672)
Cult of Russian Underground
Private community focused on vx and exploits
(1656 hits since 05/29/15, avg/day 2.3660)
d & f virus
av software and viruses (~100) for download
(16292 hits since 12/31/01, avg/day 2.9111)
DarkBox By DarkCryptor
Programs Virus Worm Trojan ecc...
(5095 hits since 09/15/09, avg/day 1.8318)
Evil Website
Several links, descriptions and tips on ANSI bombs and batch viruses in the appropriate section
(6263 hits since 07/31/07, avg/day 1.7600)
HeX's Vault [down]
New site thats being worked on. Going to have viruses to download, computer-security & papers plus some other neet things in the future (can you say demos? =D)
(360 hits since 10/26/06, avg/day 0.0938)
Malware Domain List
A collection of malware. This website is a resource for security professionals and enthusiasts.
(4510 hits since 06/25/10, avg/day 1.8051)
MSBasic Virus Blog
Information about viruses & oher things...
(4626 hits since 05/25/08, avg/day 1.4192)
Virus payload screen website
(9716 hits since 03/24/06, avg/day 2.3973)
See also Virus Payload Screen
Positron's Delphi Virus Collection
(5682 hits since 01/01/07, avg/day 1.5073)
RFID Viruses and Worms
(6953 hits since 03/18/06, avg/day 1.7130)
Virus Textfiles. ~200 papers.
(14160 hits since 12/31/01, avg/day 2.5301)
Tapion Project
TAPiON (Polymorphic Decryptor Generator) project
(7134 hits since 10/08/05, avg/day 1.6905)
See also TAPiON Polymorphic Decryptor Generator
A big repository with a lot of resources ( source, txt, apps, ...)
(3876 hits since 01/06/10, avg/day 1.4523)
TeraBIT Second site
Programz, keyloggerz, viruses and more.
(5673 hits since 09/10/08, avg/day 1.7999)
The World of SymbianWorms
SymbWarrior: The World of Symbian Worms.
(6148 hits since 02/28/06, avg/day 1.5080)
Page contains one VCK
(6693 hits since 09/05/05, avg/day 1.5737)
Virus Central
A few viruses for download. Some e-zines(from Not updated since 2000.
(12408 hits since 12/31/01, avg/day 2.2171)
The vietnamese virus site
(3921 hits since 11/10/09, avg/day 1.4382)
Voodoo Witch's Virus Collection !!
Several trojans there
(6923 hits since 09/19/07, avg/day 1.9730)
VX Archiv
Kits, crypto, nukers and other downloads.
(9890 hits since 12/21/10, avg/day 4.2630)

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