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The VXHeaven team proudly states: WE ARE BACK AND LOADED:)

As we all can remember, 23.03.2012 the VXHeaven project was shut down due to unfounded legal prosecution. Servers and most of the data were raided by legal authorities, they remain in unknown condition by this time. Despite all the legal and technical difficulties, we've done all possible things to bring the project back to the grace of all our beloved friends, who supported us all this time, and keep supporting VXHeaven. We would like to thank all the people who helped the project in those darkest times with their donations and just warm words and feelings. Every cent you donated, every bit of message you spread did the right and honorable thing! We kept our promise and did survive to serve you knowledge and fight ignorance in the world of digital freedom.

[email protected] (@dahmer_vx)

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