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Black Cat Virus Group

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bcvge_issue1.zip132479[1]Mar 2002
  • Introduction by Dr. T
  • Index Of Files
  • Authentication Protocols And There Weaknesses - By Chernobyl Chickun
  • Some Useful Sources For HLL Virus Coder - By D`ART
  • Cellular FAQ - By The_Devil/H3C
  • 8-bit Encryption Over
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bcvge_issue2.zip706543[2]Aug 2002
  • Introduction / BCVG Staff
  • Proxy Detection via PHP / Dr.T
  • Biometrics: For a secure tomorrow / assassin007
  • Hello World! in Ilasm / IllAwesome
  • Fake mailing in ASP / assassin007
  • alcopaul's visual basic virus writing
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bcvge_issue3.zip276155[3]Dec 2002
  • Introduction
  • Kerberos Authentication System
  • Kernel Compilation under Linux / Vegas
  • The Dark Side of NTFS (Microsoft#s Scarlet Letter) / H. Carvey
  • Perfect Internet-Worm via VisualBasic Script / SPTH
  • Virtual File System - /proc / Danny
  • Some New Ideaz for Future Viruses / allegro
  • bat.ina by philet0ast3r
  • Proxies
  • Remote OS detection

Welcome to BCVG Security e-zine issue #3. This is a special issue for the upcoming year. It has been a few months since the issue #2 was released. This issue contains mostly articles and in issues to be published in 2003 we'll continue with this pattern.

BCVG would like to thank all crew members, visitors, readers and contributors and wish you all Happy New Year!

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