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Kewl Mutation Engine

Author: Z0mbie

Author's notes KME is easy to use, highly configurable, and compatible with any x86-based platform (Win9X/WinNT, ring0/ring3) 32-bit polymorphic engine with stack algorithm, in some cases allowing data compression. By-passing KME encryption layers requires full decryptor emulation, in some cases including FPU.

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kme300.zip34486KME 3.00Nov 2000(Back to index)MD5 sum 6f20133e81cc767d4208c9de415766b0
kme350.zip29071KME 3.50Jan 2001MD5 sum 31329031f337e85c0e33a89818861a22
kme552.zip69436KME 5.52Dec 2001MD5 sum d3e7dd63d54860c6ef7705d8151fff35
kme101.zip58770[KME 1.01]Nov 1999MD5 sum 3c70350da5be3bcea9023a247bc955a9

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